House inspections in Tauranga, Auckland, Hamilton & The Coromandel

Buying a home is the single biggest investment most people will make in their lives. A property report is not a legal requirement, so why is it important to get an inspection before buying or selling a home?

Having the right information about a home can impact your decision whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing. We have all heard the stories about leaky homes, building extensions that were never approved by the Council, or homes that have not been maintained. A good paint job before selling could hide a multitude of sins to the untrained eye. Spending money on a professional inspection can save you spending more in the future. These are the reasons to get an inspection report.


Buying with your ‘eyes open’

Knowing what defects and repairs exist helps you make an informed decision. If you decide to continue with the purchase you can work out a plan and budget to have these defects repaired.


Renegotiate the purchase price

An inspection report will give you the information to help you renegotiate a deal should you find problems in a house. This report can be used to leverage a great deal.


Attracting potential buyers

While we recommend all potential buyers organise their own inspection, some prefer to rely on the seller’s inspection. This can provide peace of mind for potential buyers.


Fix problems before you list

Leaky homes are a top concern for Kiwi home buyers. Using a qualified house inspector to do moisture testing and a full report can reassure buyers.

Our pre-purchase and pre-sale reports ensure buyers make informed decisions

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Introducing Kevin O’Connor

Kevin O’Connor of Inspector Homes Ltd. has a reputation for consistent and reliable building reports. Kevin has been doing house inspections since 2002 throughout the Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Hamilton and The Coromandel.

Most of the construction he undertook was referred by architects on behalf of their clients and included restoration work to old villas, adding a second storey to existing single-level homes through to architecturally-designed new house construction.

A technically difficult but notable bathroom renovation to a large villa perched above Oriental Bay was featured in a copy of Trends Magazine at the time.

kevin helping home owners inspect homes

What Our Customers Have to Say

We Inspect all Kinds of Residential Properties

The very first step is setting an appointment to inspect. If a Real Estate agent is involved, supply their details and we contact them directly to arrange access. During the inspection, we will take photos to record information. We will complete an internal and external inspection.

Once the inspection is completed, we will call urgently if there is any information the client needs to be made aware of. Otherwise, you can expect to receive a complete report with notes and photographic evidence in due time.

Because “gut feeling” doesn’t quite cut it.

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