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What we offer

Looking for a residential inspection in Tauranga, Hamilton, the Coromandel or Auckland? Well, you have come to the right place! Our services include pre-sale inspections, safe & sanitary reports, verbal only reports, pre-purchase inspections, maintenance reports, and non-invasive moisture testing.

Pre-Sale Inspections

Reassure your buyers and remedy any issues with a pre-sale inspection. We recommend an inspection before listing.

Third-Party (Safe & Sanitary) Reports

This report determines a building’s current performance assessed against building regulations when it was built.

Verbal Only Reports

A cost-effective option for peace of mind is a verbal only report. We will inspect the property and give you an a-okay.

Pre-Purchase Inspections 

Purchase with peace of mind with a pre-purchase inspection. These are highly recommended for property purchases.

Maintenance Reports

Especially relevant for rental properties, maintenance reports cover areas that need regular maintenance.

Non-Invasive Moisture Testing

Everyone knows someone with a horror story about buying a leaky home. Test the moisture levels in your home.

The inspection process

The residential inspection process takes place in five steps. 

1. Set up an appointment to inspect

Complete the form or call the 0800 404 022
A date and time will be organised mutually. If a Real Estate agent is involved, supply their details and we contact them directly to arrange access.
As the client, we need your full name and address, contact phone numbers, and email address.

Inspections are carried out in accordance with New Zealand Standard NZS 4306:2005

2. Inspect external property

Meet and greet the Agent and or Owner of the property. During this process, photos are taken to record information.

External Inspection
  • Begins with a walk around the property to familiarise with size and type of home.
  • Checking external features such as retaining walls, fences, sheds and other out buildings.
  • Followed by a more detailed inspection of the condition and type of cladding, joinery, flashings and foundations.
  • External roof inspection is conducted last after the internal roof inspection.

3. Internal inspection

  • Start at the entrance door and proceed through the home room by room looking for defects, damage, functionality (e.g. operation of doors and windows), wear and tear.
  • Non-invasive moisture testing is carried out during the inspection of each room.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms check water pressure for any damage to plumbing and cabinetry (kitchen and bathroom cabinets)
  • We note whether a house has smoke alarms or not.
  • Where possible, get inside the roof space and check for any structural weakness, visible damage or wear to the underside of the roofing. Checking for the presence and quality of ceiling insulation.
  • Where possible and weather permitting, the external roof inspection is carried out and we are checking for the age, condition and type of the roofing material. Excessive wear and tear, weathering to the protective coating, damage, rust and quality of the flashings.

4. Collate Information

  • Photos are downloaded and report is written from notes and photographic evidence gathered during the inspection.
  • We will call if there is any information that the client needs to be made aware of urgently.

5. Complete the Report

  • The completed report is signed and sent to the client as a PDF document via email together with the invoice.
  • Client pays invoice immediately upon receipt of the report.
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